Sports Event Sponsorship Proposal

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A sports event sponsorship proposal is the proposal which is prepared when an individual or an entity is seeking sponsorship for a sports event. In the proposal the event organisers approach a prospective sponsor and convince him/ her/ it to sponsor it. They present in the proposal all the relevant details of the event.

Sample Sports Event Sponsorship Proposal

Proposal Presented on: 23rd June 2014

Proposal Commissioned by: Holy Child Education Board.


Addressed Sponsor Contact:

John Holden Sports Equipment Manufacturers Ltd.

234, Palo Street, Gems Square

Austin, Texas, USA

Contact No.: 876876757


Proposal Subject:

This proposal is being prepared to present to you the details of the sports event for which we are seeking appropriate sponsors/ sponsorships.


Proposal Details:

  • We are organising a sports event at the Holy Nurtures Children School for the students. The event will be organised on the occasion of the National Sports Day. We are seeking sponsorship from reputed and respected organisations such are J.H. Sports Ltd.
  • The event will be scheduled to accommodate a series of sports activities and games in a period of 6 hrs.
  •  There will be races, equipment training workshops, volleyball matches, football matches and sports promotional events.
  • We will provide the organisations/ entities that agree to sponsor the event with appropriate promotional support during the event.
  • The event will be covered by all major news channels in the state.
  • The education ministry has also agreed to be a part of the event in some way or the other.

We hope that you will agree to support this event which has the possibility to garner you some additional publicity in Texas. If you like the proposal and wish to contribute in the sponsors pool, please contact at the below mentioned number


Proposal Prepared and Presented by:

Mr. James Cullen

Senior Organising Manager

Holy Child Education Board

Austin, Texas, USA.

Mobile: 797798080999



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