Charity Grant Proposal

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A charity grant proposal is a document submitted to the government or a non-profit organization. It outlines a proposed project and shows budgetary requirements; asking for monetary assistance in the form of a grant. It is prepared to seek federal assistance, benefits or entitlements for the specified purpose. The purposes could be religious, political, or to improve the life of those living in need. These grants could be cash or in-kind gifts. To obtain grants from private or government organizations, the charity grant proposal should clearly outline its target population, services to be offered, sustainability and the overall capacity and effectiveness of the charity.

Sample Charity Grant Proposal

Date of submission of proposal: 27th January 2013.

Charity Grant proposal prepared by: Spring wellness Foundation

Grant proposal submitted to: United Children’s Association

Purpose of the Grant: To Provide education to the children and the teenagers in the society

Important Points of the Charity Grant proposal:

  • Our organization aims at providing education to every child in the society and with this intention we have planned to start a program called “Education to all”.
  • Our program targets the children of our society helping them find their potentials through various activities.
  • Education to All offers a broad-range of technology related services that allow the children and the teenagers in our community to take advantage of the educational and economic opportunities.
  • We are also looking forward to bring in computer education programs to the children.
  • The program will serve 300 children and teenagers and aims at providing educational camps, fun activities, art projects, computer-based training and physical activities.
  • We are seeking fund to make this program a success and serve the children and the teenagers of the society to the best of our ability.
  • This program is a keystone of our organization and our vision to serve the young generation of our community.
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