Charity Organization Proposal

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Charity organization proposal is a document that is given to an organization to portray the ideas of a certain charity event to be conducted by a particular organization that provides charitable help to the members of the society. The proposal contains relevant details in a summarized form and also provides hard evidence that the organization would be addressing to specific needs. The charity organization proposal should start with an idea, methods to develop and deliver it and the estimated cost. The proposal follows the format that the funding source accepts.

Sample Charity Organization Proposal

Date of Submission of Organization Proposal: 22nd October 2012

Proposal Prepared by: United Charity Makers

Proposal submitted to:  Nero’s Organization Pvt. Ltd

Goal of Proposal: To bring to notice to all about the extension of our organization.

Main features

  • Our organization aims to reach out to all sections of the society and ensures that we take care of the people who are in genuine need of our help.
  • We have made every individual under our guidance self-sufficient to our possible extent and have ensured a happy and safe living for all the inhabitants of our charity house.
  • Our organization has worked till date for the benefit of children, aged and minors. We understand that a major portion of the middle-aged people also require our help.
  • Thus, we would like to extend our help to the middle-aged people of the society who are in need of our help.
  • We have plans to develop schemes that would understand the genuine needs of the people under our care.
  • Individuals who will be provided help under the new section will be involved in certain activities that would help them support themselves by making them work according to their abilities.

Duration:  We have decided to commence the extension program on 11th November 2012 and the estimated time to complete the project would be a year from the date of commencement.

Budget: An estimated budget of $580 would be required for our project.

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