Charity Proposals

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Charity proposals are written to procure grants or funding from the government/non government organization for charitable purposes. Any person or organization who is undertaking a chartable mission which includes serving the needy in aspects like food, shelter, clothing or education is entitled to funds to facilitate the project. This proposal can be written by individuals or charitable trusts, NGO’s and non profit organizations.

Proposal Outline Template to Edit

Proposal Outline Template to Edit

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Sample Proposal Template in Word

Sample Proposal Template in Word

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  • The proposal should start with the idea and the methods to develop it and deliver it. Cost estimation of the project undertaken should also be included.
  • The proposal should follow the format acceptable to the funding source. It should also be confirmed that the source is not funding a similar project with the same objectives in any area in proximity.
  • The proposal summary should be a short description with a few highlighting points that would get the funding company interested.
  • To procure a funding, the credibility of the charitable organization is to be established first. That can only be done by citing previous successful projects, funding by other companies and establishing the clean track record of the organization.
  • In the proposal hard evidence is to be provided that the organization would indeed be addressing to the specific needs. The resources needed to eradicate the problem and which section would be benefitted are also to be elucidated.

As the funding sources have stringent deadlines, the charity proposals should plan ahead and give a plausible deadline and be loyal to it. Well constructed charity proposals with enough credibility do get ample funding sources.

Charity Proposal

Sample Charity Proposal

Charity Proposal Template

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