Client Advertising Proposal

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Client advertising proposal is a document presented by a business to their respective clients proposing the plan of an advertisement regulation. Such a document should be prepared with utmost precision so that no necessary points related to the particular plan are missed to be stated.

Sample Client Advertising Proposal

Client advertising proposal for the new range of Lucy Herbal Skin Product

Proposal Presented by: Mac Schaffer

Advertisement Coordination-Head

Lucy Cosmetics Ltd.

Proposal presented for: This proposal is presented to all our existing and prospective clients proposing an advertisement plan for marketing regulation of our new range of products.

Proposal submitted on: 9th January 2011

Overview of the latest product:

This newline of “Lucy Herbal Skin Product” evolved from extensive research on corrective, curative and potential healing property of various herbs, their oils and extracts useful for both skin and hair. Recently these products got approved by the international dermatology standard, UK.

They have certified that the product is extensively useful for rejuvenating the skin and hair cells and help in nourishing from inside.

Advertisement Plan:

  • We have planned to promote this new range of product through renown beauty magazines and newspaper
  • We have a plan to held promotional events at various places just before few days in order to create promote it among large number of people
  • Advertisement process can be regulated through various television channels also.

Total cost estimated for advertisement regulation: $24600 approximately

Advertisement regulation would be commenced from: 26th January 2011

Product released date: 1st February 2011

Last date of proposal acceptance: 18th January 2011

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