College Charity Proposal

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A college charity proposal is a written document prepared by a philanthropic foundation to reach out to other financially stable organizations so as to develop an institution that ensures higher studies of poor but brilliant students. This layout brings forth all work plans to be adopted and costs incurred for the same.

Sample College Charity Proposal

Name of organization:  Harmony Group of Companies

Address: 1050-24/B, New park South Lane

Contact Number: 022 -2281 2552

Name of college to be developed: Newline Institute for Higher Studies.

Area of development: Technological sector in Chinchwad.

Time frame for completion of the plan: 1st September, 2011 – 1st November, 2012

Estimated budget: $ 50000000

Target Group: Students who had to discontinue their studies due to several factors that might range from poverty to being a part of family occupation, etc.

Objectives of the college charity proposal:

  • Diversification of the subjects to be taught. All options – science, arts, commercial studies, etc. should be offered so that students can choose from a wide range and hence shape a promising career.
  • Students should be well equipped with the modern technologies, such as the internet, and contemporary laboratory devices as well to ensure even practical understanding of the subjects.
  • Examinations should be held on a regular basis so that their learning abilities can be properly evaluated. However, it should be taken due care that no unnecessary and excess pressure is being imposed on them.
  • The faculty members, apart from having proper qualifications, should also have a friendly nature so that there are no barriers to interaction with the students, be it regarding studies or emotional problems.
  • The students need to be made worldly wise by also making them aware of current social issues such as drug abuse, effects of negative peer pressure, HIV/Aids, etc.
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