IT Bid Proposal

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IT bid proposal are presented by various IT companies, or companies with related department, for soliciting another company for purchasing their product or services. Such kind of proposal has to be written in a concise approach so that the potential clients could get a clear idea from it.

Sample IT Bid Proposal

Bid proposal for the new project on JAVA

Name of the company: Sun IT expertise

Prepared by: Mr. R Nelson

Managing Director

Date of proposal issued: 5th June 2011

Objective of the proposal:

We have recently introduced a software build on JAVA platform. It can efficiently work in a surveillance system. The proposal acceptance means that the contractor agrees to work under the supervision of the concerned head in order to help us in fulfilling our targeted goals. This work would include methodical planning, dealing with policies efficiently, monitoring and fixing related issues in the department efficiently.

Liability for Cost:

Company bears no liability or responsibility for the cost that would be incurred by the bidders while submitting the proposal in response of this.

Cost of the entire project $45000 approximately

Last date for submitting the bidding price along with the proposal acceptance: 5th July 2011

Duration of Contract:  Maximum 2 years from the date of proposal acceptance

[Kindly note the highest bidder will get the contract and we would call them for a thorough discussion on the project soon after that]

Before submitting your bid for further details contact the undersigned

Miss Elena Gonsalvas

Project Acquisitions-JAVA Stream


Contact details: 566768

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