Content Analysis Research Proposal

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A content analysis research proposal is a document which highlights the tenets of a content analysis research project. Content analysis is a mode of research which establishes the presence of recurring words, themes, concepts or dies in a text or across a broad spectrum of texts in order to identify certain interesting phenomena and the relationships between texts.

Sample Content Analysis Research Proposal

The following is a content analysis research proposal aimed at unearthing the hidden links between a broad range of advertisement. However, for example purposes, one specific advertisement of a car will be used in this abstract.

Name of researcher: Philomena Gomes

Professional status: Associate professor of Cultural Studies, University of Sorbonne

An outline of the content analysis research proposal:

  • The purpose of this content analysis research proposal is to identify the links between sets of advertisements. Advertisements offer the most interesting of texts as critic Roland Barthes has pointed out, they are explicit in their presentation of messages.
  • The use of propaganda is also important as the advertising message must be explored thoroughly. The use of subtle propaganda and their impact on the spectator is also an area we would like to probe further.

Expected time of completion of content analysis research proposal: June 2011

Estimated cost of the content analysis research proposal: $1000000

Assistant research team consists of: Sarah Jones, Mary Rogers, Pierre Le Fou and Jason Towers

Funding: We have received grants from the Department of Cultural Studies as well as Sorbonne University Arts Faculty.

The findings are to be published in Sorbonne University Journal.

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