Research Proposal Example

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Research proposal example is a sample research proposal that demonstrates the basic outline of a research proposal in general. It presents a brief overview of an individual’s research project and serves the purpose of an abstract. It states ones argument and analytical strategies and thereby aims to inform the authority about the approach one takes in the research so as to attain their approval and elicit funding for the project.

Sample Research Proposal Example

Title of Research Proposal: The concept of American Dream in American Literature.

Research Proposal presented by: Nicole Fernandez.

Research Proposal Presented To: Jean Surrey.

Date of submission of proposal: May 8, 2011.

Statement: The research paper aims to probe into the trope of the American Dream as prevalent in American Literature over the years. It intends to study and analyze the impact and representation of the concept of the great American Dream in the literature of America.

Background: The concept of American Dream draws from the myth of the regaining of Paradise in the here and now in the soil of ‘New England’ or the ‘New Eden’. The paper looks into the vitality of the dream as well as the inevitable disillusionment that is inseparable to it and thereby attempts to interpret the literature of the country.

Methodology: The research paper takes into account certain classic texts that have over the years come to be the mouthpiece of its times and that of America. The texts chosen are Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Twain’s Huckleberry Fin, Miller’s The Death of a Salesman and Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie. The paper attempts to foreground the history of America through the study of the representation of the story of America and the American Dream in these American classics.

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