Electrical Engineering Project Proposal

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An electrical engineering project proposal is a kind of a project proposal which has been framed by student/students of electrical engineering. These project documents are prepared to propose a certain project work or experimentation that the students want to carry out and need the permission of the authorities of the college/institute for the same.

These proposals must look like formal documents and should give the details of the various things they will need for the project. The proposal must also give estimated cost and time of the project. Given below is a sample of an electrical engineering project proposal which can be used for the purpose of reference by anyone.

Sample Electrical Engineering Project Proposal

Title of project: Finding range of electrical magnetic field

Submitted by: Nathan Brooks, Kelly Clarkson

Class name: BSc. 3rd year, Electrical Engineering

Supervisor name: Mr. Peter Donald

Submission date: 1st Feb 2014

Problem statement: to carry out the generation of electricity from wind without the use of windmills.

Objective of project:

This project is being carried out to generate electricity from wind power, without the use of specialized windmills. We wish to calculate the intensity of electricity produced so that newer and more effective electricity generation methods can be prepared or atleast known.

Literature review:

We would need to access the electrical engineering library for the first phase of the project which lasts for one month.

Project schedule:

First phase: 1st March 2014-1st April 2014-literature collection, reference study

Second phase: 1st April 2014-1st May 2014-implemnetation of theoretical knowledge with the help of the resources provided by the college and funds offered by the department. This phase is the main phase, at the end of which we would have come to the result of the study and research.

Estimated cost: $3000 including cost of equipment, research and implementation.

Estimated time: 2 months

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