Employee Training Business Proposal

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An employee training business proposal is presented by an employee of a company to a higher authority member/owner so as to propose an employee training program. The proposal is framed with the intention of helping the company get better trained workers.

The proposal must state all the details of the training which is being proposed and should have a professional tone and structure. Given below is a sample of an employee training business proposal which can be used for reference.

Sample Employee Training Business Proposal:

Name of the company: Richard and Jackson Corporation

Address of the company: A-45, Westend road, Mill lane, Chicago, USA

Proposal prepared and Presented by: Mr. Jack Andrews, Senior HR Manager

Proposal Presented to: Mr. Timothy Jackson, Vice Chairman

Proposal presented on: 5th Nov 2014

Proposal approved by: Jack Maddison

Proposal objective:

Employee training is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, especially one which consists of multiple employees and new joinees. Without providing adequate training to the workers, it is impossible to expect a positive yield. Thus we must now introduce a training program which will help new joinees understand their duties, responsibilities and be absolutely ready when they begin working.

I propose to create a strong and efficient training program and to take it seriously.

Proposal Details:

  • Each department of the company must have its dedicated training program, trainers and the right training tools and materials. We must begin working on introducing these training sessions within 1 month from now.
  • The training for each department must last for 1-3 months, depending upon the requirement.
  • The training shall be held in the company premises and should consist of no more than 10 trainees in a single batch for maximum effect.

Total estimated training cost per year: $10000.

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