Restaurant Training Proposal

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A restaurant training proposal refers to the proposal made by an employee of a restaurant to higher management making a proposition regarding the training of the restaurant staff. The proposal is to be in proper formal format and must be presentable to the management. In the proposal the individual must explain varied aspects like the importance of training, the way to go about the training and the requirements etc.

Sample Restaurant Training Proposal:

Proposal presented to: Mr. Liam Carr, Managing Director (Member of the Board)

Griffin & Coal Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Name: Griffin & Coal Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Address: 63rdStreet, Harpy’s Chap Towers, Billion Square, Chicago, USA.

Date of presentation: 3rd of March 2014

Proposal prepared by: Mr. Henry Park, (Senior Restaurant Manager)

Purpose of the Proposal:

The proposal centres on getting the right training for all of the staff at the restaurant. The focus must be paid to the training of the staff since it is an essential part of the hospitality industry and the way the employees behave with the end customers affects the reputation of the whole brand.


Following propositions are made:

  • The management assign 4 seasoned and experienced managers/ staff to the training department.
  • The training is to be conducted in sessions of 2 hours daily, so as to avoid any sort of disruption in the regular functions of the restaurant.
  • The training is to be divided into four sections namely: inter- employee relationship, customer management skills, verbal communication skills, and the restaurant branding outlook.

As a follow- up to the training:

  • The management set up appropriate rewards or rewarding mechanisms for best performing employees.
  • Special benefits or privileges for those who performed well in training.

Providing appropriate training and taking necessary steps to sustain its effects will benefit the restaurant by improving the performance of the employees, creating a good working environment and motivation amongst all.


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