New Employee Training Proposal

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A new employee training proposal is a document prepared for conducting the scheduled training programs for new employees. Training is vital need for any new employee as it gives the clear picture about the organization and also helps in retaining the employee. Good induction is also essential to increase the productivity of the employee. In this proposal all the details about the induction training are clearly mentioned in the most précised manner. The candidate has to be induced about his roles and responsibilities along with the organizational culture, personal practices health and safety related issues etc.

Sample New Employee Training Proposal:

Name of the organization: Get Big Group of Companies

Proposal prepared by: Paul Cooper

Head of the Human Resource Department

Proposal submitted on: 12th July, 2011

Purpose: This new employee training proposal has been drawn up to convey all the necessary information to the new employees which will help them to get settled with their roles and responsibility. This proposal is placed before the management to make this induction program a great success.

Aims and objectives:

  • To give all the technical know-how about the job along with a clear picture of the organizational goals and mission to the new joiners.

Details of the proposal:

  • The new employees will have to compulsorily attend this induction program which would be conducted for fifteen days. The technical part will be dealt by the product management team of the organization. About the organizational values the induction will be supervised from the HR department. At the end of this program the employees will have to give an exam to get through the training procedure.

We are sure it would put in enormous merit the productivity of our employees.

Paul Cooper

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