Employment Contract Proposal

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An employment contract proposal is a document through which an organisation makes the contractual and work position proposal to the candidate who has applied for a job position in the company. The proposal must include all the details which the employer needs to give to the employee before the contract begins.

Sample Employment Contract Proposal

Date: 19th January 2014


Details of the Addressed:

Name: Mrs. Karen Gills

Correspondence Address: 43/345, Bar Street, Holy Square, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Contact No.: 3654758676


Statement of the Proposal:

We have met with the addressed and considered her for the position of the Head, Marketing Department at our organisation. In a step to move forward with the recruitment procedure we are suggesting the following contractual details are mentioned below.

  • The individual will be made the head of the marketing department. At the position the individual will be assigned and be responsible for the overall function of the entire department.
  • The salary paid to the individual will be a 15% mark-up to the salary paid to the heads of the other departments in the organisation.
  • The individual will have to work at the local office and will have to travel oversees when needed.
  • The individual will be offered various perks and benefits all of which have been conveyed to her.
  • The company will conduct the review of the individual’s performance within first 6 months and has the right to amend the proposal based on the analysis.
  • The individual will have to manage numerous projects with equal efficiency and ease.
  • She will be provided with appropriate infrastructure and resources to handle the work load.

Proposal Prepared and Presented By:

Name: Mr. Liam Park

Job Position: Head, Human Resources

Company Name: Billson Enterprises Ltd.

Official Address: 235, North Square Towers, West Street Area, Pennsylvania, USA.

Contact No.: 25434263


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