Employment Offer Counter Proposal

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The employment offer counter proposal is created by the candidate after he has been selected by the company for the job. This document highlights the terms and conditions that the possible employee would like to counter in the company’s employment contract. This is submitted and accordingly his proposal is either approved or a counter proposal is created by the employer. It is a means of negotiating before accepting the job. The document, thus, must be created carefully.

Sample Employment Offer Counter Proposal:

The following Employment Offer Counter Proposal is created for MicroTech Info Ltd.

Name of Candidate: Ryan Fielding

Date of submission of proposal: 12th November, 2011

Purpose of Employment Offer Counter Proposal: Mr. Ryan Fielding has been extended an offer of employment as the Manager of Sales for MicroTech Info Ltd. However, there are certain terms and conditions of employment which he would like review and restructure before he accepts the positions. This counter proposal highlights the necessary changes that would be preferable for the candidate.

Main Objectives:

  • The base salary being offered is $45,000 per annum. After thorough research of the average starting salary of a Manager of Sales Mr. Fielding would like to revise it to $65,000.
  • There has been no mention of a bonus opportunity. To ensure cost savings, a 6% of bonus is essential.
  • The stock options require a qualification of 1 year of employment. However, Mr. Fielding is confident that with his high quality management training and skills he will create an immediate positive impact and hence, the qualification should be reduced to 6 months.

Ryan Fielding requests approval from MicroTech Info Ltd by 27th November, 2011.

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