Equipment Lease Proposal

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An equipment lease proposal is a type of document by which the owner or lessee of any particular type of equipment lay down the terms for leasing of that equipment. Equipment lease may refer to machinery used for construction, medical work, plumbing etc. By leasing the equipment, the lessee doesn’t have to pay for the buying it and thereby saves money and storage space per assignment. The equipment lease proposal must include the purpose of leasing the machinery, the term and rent to be paid and the names and contact details of the parties in involved. Any additional terms can also be discussed in the proposal.

Sample Equipment Lease Proposal:

Name of lessor: Peter Dawson

Address: 293 Garden Lane, Arizona

Name of lessee: Keith Adams

Address: 292 Garrett Road, Arizona

Type of equipment: Construction equipment for making bridges

Name of proposal: Proposal for lease of equipment

Proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to lay down the fundamental terms and propositions of an equipment lease proposal and convince the lessor that it will be profitable to deal with you

Details of Equipment Lease Proposal:

  • The equipment will be leased for 6 months and the lessee is willing to pay $50000 for leasing the machinery
  • The lessee shall hold responsibility for managing and keeping the equipment in good condition and storing it properly
  • The equipment will be used for construction of a bridge on the Phoenix river and will be returned at the end of the term to the owner.



Equipment Lease

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