Vendor Management Proposal

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A vendor management proposal is meant to provide solutions to organizations and agencies regarding the effective management of vendors. The proposal should be framed in such a manner that it encompasses all major details of the strategies to be adopted and workflows to be maintained in order to achieve effective management of the vendors. The vendor management proposal must suit the business objectives and requirements appropriately.

Sample Vendor Management Proposal:

Proposal placed by: Aurora Bros. Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal for: Vendor Management for ‘Great Cooks Restaurant’

Proposal placed as on: 24th September, 2014

Purpose of the proposal:

The proposal will apply to the general procedure of managing vendors at the organization. Your firm would benefit from the strategic management tools and techniques we would devise and provide as part of the execution of this proposal.

Objectives of the proposal:

This vendor management proposal would aim at achieving the following targets:

  • Complete and effective utilization of vendor resources.
  • Efficient allocation of vendors in appropriate shifts.
  • Proper ratio of vendor to restaurant jobs – tasks to be performed must have the exact number of vendors catering to the same.
  • Quality services from vendors.

Details of the proposal:

The proposal would comprise of the following feature set:

  • We propose a scheme that would help effectively manage your restaurant – Vendors For Utility – for we believe that there is no need keeping excess vendors for that not only ends your funds but also leads to severe management issues.
  • As part of the proposal, we would like to suggest a special screening process for vendors prior to induction to the restaurant. Vendors would need to provide such materials that qualify the requirement standards set by the restaurant authorities.
  • To garner maximum benefits from the vendors’ services as well as to ensure maximum profits, it is important to perform SWOT [Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats] analysis and rate the vendors accordingly.
  • Rotation is the system to be followed, that would manage the services well and also lower vendor grievances drastically.
  • Performance bonus or related facilities may be introduced to manage the vendors better.
  • Proper vendor management can be achieved by proper assessment of vendors at regular intervals.
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