Government Pay Freeze Proposal

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Government pay freeze proposal is a written document presented by the government for all the companies to temporarily stop the increment of salaries in a situation of financial difficulties. This kind of proposal has to be framed with utmost precision so that the intended people could feel the need of it.

Sample Government Pay Freeze Proposal

Proposal prepared by: Ministry of human resources and development

United States of America

Proposal Prepared for: All the IT companies across the country

Objective of the proposal:

During this time of economic crisis in the IT sector, we wish to stop the hike in employee’s annual payment for the time being. We need collaboration of every employees working in the IT sector to handle the situation with patience and help in economic stability of the country. Even more at the time of this economic hardship in this particular section please cooperate if there is a pay cut as well because demands turned out to be less and it is adversely affecting the sector.

Methods to tackle the effect of pay freeze: Various ways have been planned for tackling the effect of pay freeze from education, healthcare, new business formation etc. They are as follows:

  • Government will potentially handle the effect by lowering the rate of interest taken by people for financing the above-mentioned purposes.
  • The government would not entertain new funds or loan request for the time being until the economic hurdles of IT sector is not overcome.

Last date of accepting the proposal: 5th July 2011

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