Grant Research Proposal

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Grant research proposals are presented by researchers or scientists proposing their financial need for successful accomplishment of a project or research program which otherwise would have been impossible to proceed with. Grant research is a strategic way through which a researcher can travel abroad for the purpose of research work, that too without being in debt. Therefore, in order to get the opportunity of a grant, the scope and goals of a research work should be clearly depicted on the proposal.

Sample Grant Research Proposal

Grant Research Proposal on Water Resources

Title: Estimating the mercury level on the sea water near industry belt or zone

Date of presenting the proposal: 4th July 2011

Proposal submitted by: H. Phillip

Institute of Water Resource Management and Marine Life Science, USA

Objective and Scope of the research work:

This research work will effectively help to determine the mercury level on the sea water near the industry zone or belt. Through research on collection of sea water near the industry zone, it has been found contaminated due to the release of industrial effluents which have high toxic level due to the presence of mercury.

This flow of contaminated water has impacted on marine life severely. Thus, a solution has been developed through this research work which would comprehensively help to eradicate the problem. This would also efficiently contribute on the extensive research work of sustaining quality chemical, biological environment for water life.

Federal Funds: $2500

Non Federal Funds: $2388

Deadline for completion of the research work: Depends on the scope

Last date of proposal acceptance: 17th July 2011

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