Research Grant Proposal

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A Research grant proposal helps the students, researchers and faculty to win the opportunity to complete a project which would otherwise not be possible due to financial issues. These proposals are generally offered by the research institutes and other higher education institutes.


Sample Research Grant Proposal

Name of the Topic of Research: Don’t waste the waste


Summary of the proposed work including a tentative timetable: Utilization of the waste products produced in daily human household and converting it into useful products for large scale production. Following changes would be done:

  • Thrown out papers to produce fermentable sugar    Time required: 5months
  • Vegetable waste for biogas production                    Time required:4months
  • Biodegradable plastic products from potato peals.    Time required 6 months


Objective: It is to minimize the waste culmination in our environment through an effective waste management technology. This advanced research work will help the man kind to get useful things at an affordable price that too by reducing their own household waste.

Rationale Budget: $ 30000


Pending or current fund support:

  • North California University of research, waste management department agreed to give a fund of  $10000
  • National Biogas Agency agreed for allowing the biogas plant test at free of cost.
  • Applied at New Empire chemicals for providing chemicals that would be needed for preparation of following products.


Previous Support: New Jersey University of waste management technology is consistently helping with all possible resources that are required for accomplishing the research work.


Jennifer Norman

Research Scientist on Waste Management Technology

New Jersey University



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