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A home employment proposal is a well formatted document that strongly emphasizes on the abilities of a person to take up a home based job. There are myriad job options that do not require a candidate to travel to a workplace. Thus, the document must extensively state the degree to which the candidate fulfils the home employment criteria.

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Sample Home Employment Proposal

Home Employment Proposal

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Name of the candidate: Jennifer Kaplan

Address: 5, Kelly Avenue, Maryland

Nature of job: Content-writing

Present educational status: MA student in English honours

Aim: As a master student, it is not possible for me to pursue a full-time occupation as I have to devote a great amount of time for my studies and classes. However, I am interested in working from home without remaining constrained in time.

Purpose of proposal: Since I want to become a journalist with a famous media company, I feel that this job of a content-writer would boost my writing skills, widen my knowledge and add to my CV as a strong reference point.

Academic background:

  • I have passed high school exams with 98% marks in English.
  • I have achieved 97% marks in English for the intermediate exams.
  • My bachelor course in English honours was completed in 2010, which I succeeded with high first class.

Training: I have taken training in English from Trinity College London for the entire period of 2010 and have appeared for their quarterly examinations [the document containing the reports and marks are attached herewith]

Achievements: I have taken part in inter-school essay-writing competitions for which I have been awarded.

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