Hotel Management Proposal

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A hotel management proposal is an official script that underlines the key aspects of management strategies to be adopted by a hotel for its effective operation. Almost all hotels (except the few small ones) these days believe in taking up professional help and advice for managerial approach and policies to be adopted. It is important for hotels to bring to the respective management’s notice the issues that affect the functioning of the organization.

Sample Hotel Management Proposal:

Proposal for: BenStar Hotels

Proposal by: Marianna Consultancy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of the proposal:

BenStar Hotels is a known label and a recognizable unit in the entire area of New Jersey. We understand the brand value BenStar has built over the years and our proposal would rightly cater to the needs of your hotel. Our proposal primarily aims at providing your organization with effective strategies to handle management issues at all levels.

Clients Management:

We understand that relationship with clients form the basis for any business venture, and it is important to manage them well. Our proposal puts forth several plans to manage clients – right from devising order-taking procedures to managing deliveries. We would employ a specialized team that would study and understand the business demands posed by BenStar Hotels, thereby making a proper survey of the clientele, and then devise strategies for effectively providing optimum services.

Resource Management:

It is important to manage your resources effectively in order to come up with the best services. Resource management will have several facets, such as:

  • Store Management
  • Supply Management [internal food supplies – rations, etc.]
  • Manpower and Human Resource Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Disaster Management

We believe each of the aspects are terminologically sound enough to hint at the particular functionalities, yet we would provide you with extensive demonstrations as per your convenience.

Demands and Supply Management:

As part of our hotel management proposal, we would cover the statistical approach of market study and analysis of future trends, which would be presented with ample evaluations for effective decision making.


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