Hotel Training Proposal

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A hotel training proposal may refer to the training of an employee working in a hotel usually belonging to the managerial level. The content of the training proposal will vary according to the purpose of the proposal and who will be trained, for eg, a manager, a receptionist, chef and so on. A hotel is like any other company where there are many employees and different departments and there must be someone who will be able to coordinate among all these people for the overall smooth running of the organisation. The hotel training proposal must contain the goal of the training, why is the training necessary, how long will the training continue, what are the methods to be followed for the programme etc.

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Sample Hotel Training Proposal:

Name of company: Lilac Meadows Hotel

Address: 32 Hill View Drive, Los Angeles

Name of training proposal: Training of hotel front desk employees

Training proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Martha Jones

Human Resources, Lilac Meadows Hotel

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Proposal signed and approved by: Conan Leno

President, Lilac Meadows Hotel

Purpose: The goal of the training programme is to train the employees on how to manage the front desk of a hotel and guide them on areas like customer service, accounting and soft skills like effective communication skills

Details of Hotel Training Proposal:

  • The training will start on March 1 and continue for one month
  • Their skills will be tested and they also have to pass a test at the end of the training session

Funds required for the programme: $5,000

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