IT Project Plan Proposal

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An IT project plan proposal is a type of a proposal which is prepared and presented by an IT professional to present an idea for an IT project. The proposal must give a brief objective of the project and must then talk about its details. The proposal should mention the date of presenting, the date of approval, the name of the presenter as well as the estimated cost that the project will take to be implemented and completed. A sample of an IT Project plan proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample IT Project Plan Proposal:

Name of the IT Firm: David Rocco IT Company

Address of the IT Firm: A-56, second floor, Radcliff tower, London

IT Project Plan Proposal prepared on: 10th September 2014

Proposal prepared by: Henry Rogers

IT Project Manager

David Rocco IT Company

Proposal submitted on: 15th September 2014

Proposal signed and approved by: William Brooks

Managing Director

David Rocco IT Company

Objective of the proposal:

This IT Company needs a strong IT project where we shall be working on developing new and improved IT products and software for better network and IT security for business firms. We need to work on our marketing strategies and come out with a powerful method to sell products and improve their image in the market as well.

Details of IT Project Plan:

  • We need to introduce new products by first analyzing the market and finding the needs and requirements of businesses and companies in London.
  • We need to introduce stronger IT security products and software products so that our brand image and credibility gets a boost.
  • We need to offer unique products and market them using advertising and social networking.
  • Once we develop a storng client base, we would need to tap on further market and capture other locations.


Estimated cost: $40000

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