Legal Employment Proposal

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A legal employment proposal refers to the proposal made for entering the legal field as an attorney or lawyer or as any other legal professional. It is almost like a resume where the candidate has to summarise his lifelong achievements and accomplishments and format them with persuasive and specific words. It carries the entire weight of his abilities on which he is judged.

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Sample Legal Employment Proposal

Legal Employment Proposal

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Name of the candidate: Toby Falcon

Age: 26 years

Address: 8, Peak Street, North Hill

Objective: As an attorney I would like to do something for the country to bring law and order in the state. With the intensifying criminal activities, it has become our duty to stop the ominous manifestations of crime at once not just for business reasons but also for moral reasons through individual and collective hard work.

Occupational vision: I see myself as one of the top lawyers of the country working fervently for law and against illegal work to maintain decorum and to uphold the dignity of the country.

Qualifying examinations:

  • I appeared for the secondary school-leaving exams under the Council for Secondary School Education (CSSE) in 2004 and came out with flying colours.
  • In 2006, I appeared for the high school-leaving examinations under the Council for High School Education (CHSE) and was successful.
  • Then I joined the National School of Law (NSL) from where I graduated in 2010. [The list of marks, awards and scholarships awarded have been provided]

Experience: During my 6 month internship (NSL), I have assisted a senior attorney in legal work and advisory.

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