Magazine Advertising Proposal

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A magazine is an excellent print media source that is extensively used for the purpose of marketing a specific brand of good or service. A magazine advertising proposal is a strategic layout of a business plan that intends to showcase the principal details of the advertising project. The marketing section of the company is in charge of designing the proposal and presenting it to the concerned magazine owner or the editor for striking a mutually beneficial commercial deal.

Sample Magazine Advertising Proposal

Name of the company: Kraftwerk Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 76/BG/2 Huntington Street, Central Park, Virginia City, USA

Total estimated cost for the proposal to be initiated: $3000

Time-frame for which the advertisement would be displayed: 45 days

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Kenneth Murray

The specific work details of the advertisement proposal:

  • Planning and implementation of the advertisement size, color, patterns, content and graphics related details.
  • Contacting with three most circulated magazines and placing the proposal with a focus on the mutually beneficial paradigms.
  • The determining of the initiation of the proposal.
  • Determining of the particular section and page where the advertisement is going to be displayed in the set frame of time.

The particular objectives of the advertisement proposal:

  • Analyzing the dimensions of advertising new range of products on print magazines.
  • Increasing the customer base of the goods and services of the company.
  • Meeting with the expected sales revenue growth of 30-35% the month following the end of the tenure of advertisement display.
  • Making a cordial relation with the magazine proprietors for future ventures.

Signature of the project coordinator: Mr. Alec Morrison

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