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A magazine design proposal should put forth all details of the exact design that is to come on the magazine cover or any special page or specific portion of the magazine or, more generally, the design and presentation of the entire magazine. A magazine generally represents a particular topic or an issue and has certain supplementary sections as well, and the design proposal should mention all these aspects such that the entire concept of the magazine and its design is made clear to all interested clients and companies.

Sample Magazine Design Proposal:

Magazine Design Proposal

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Name of proposal: Proposal for Designing Magazine “Intella, ’11”

Magazine title: Intella, ’11 – Nurturing Young Talents

Date of submission of proposal: 23rd June, 2011

Proposal signed and submitted by: Marc Peterson


St. James High School

Proposal submitted to: Future Art and Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Magazine design details:

  • The Intella is our annual school magazine that we publish with utmost care and sincerity, and have approached an esteemed organization as yours just to make it look the best and appeal to all.
  • The topic that we have decided upon, as the base for our magazine this year, is the issue of Child Labour, and we earnestly want you to provide us with a meaningful and appropriate cover page that would clearly portray the concept and the message we want to deliver.
  • Our students and faculty members will contribute articles, paintings and other such creative works, which we would like you to suitably synchronize and present as a whole magazine.
  • The advertisements should also be made to fit in properly.

We wish to hear from you by the 2nd of August, 2011

Last date for sponsorships: 25th July, 2011

Estimated costs: $6000

For any queries, please contact at: 451927321


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