Print Advertising Proposal

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Print advertising proposal is a document presenting the proposition of an advertisement publication in print media such as newspaper, magazine, website etc. Hence, such a document should clearly elucidate the purpose of advertisement and should present it in a courteous approach in order to gain maximum acceptability.

Sample Print Advertising Proposal

Print Advertising Proposal for “New Elizabeth Night Cream with essence of Aloe Vera Extract”

Proposal submitted on: 12th January 2011

Proposal presented by: Mr. Phillip Scholfield

Advertisement management and coordination-Head

Elizabeth Cosmetics Ltd.

Proposal presented for: We solicit the proposal intending the renowned print media of United States of America to make necessary advertisement regulation for the world-class and the latest product of Elizabeth Cosmetics Ltd.

Overview of the new product:

Elizabeth Cosmetics Ltd. is one of the world-class cosmetics brands that have satisfied women customers for ages by releasing magnificent cosmetic products. Recently, we have planned to develop a new night cream with essence of Aloe Vera extract. This particular essence of Aloe Vera creates encapsulated moisture mechanism on the open pores, release the dirt particles and refresh the skin cells.

This is one of the vital ingredients induced in the creation of this product keeping in mind the exposure of skin these days.

Total amount decided to be invested on the print advertisement procedure: $ 21000 approximately.

Date of product release: 1st March 2011

Advertisement regulation should commence from: 21st February 2011

Cost of the product: $24 for the small size, $35 for the medium size and $41 for large size.

No proposal acceptance would be entertained after: 1st February 2011

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