Maintenance Job Proposal

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A maintenance job is a job which entails the individual employed, to work for the maintenance of something like equipment, real estate or some other property etc. When an individual wishes to be employed for such a position he/ she can write a job proposal to the prospective employer suggesting why he/ she would be good for the job. It is a formal document and must be properly formatted.

Sample Maintenance Job Proposal

Date of Proposal: 15th January 2013

Presented By: Mr. Luke Harmon


The purpose of this proposal is to suggest a candidate for the position of the maintenance job vacancy at the Pennsylvania office of the organisation, advertised on the official website. The details of the proposed candidate and the rationale behind the proposition are given below.


Details of the Candidate/ Proposal Writer:

Name: Mr. Luke Harmon

Address: 245-52, Burt Apartments, Jason Street, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Contact No.: 457345737


Education and Qualification of the Candidate:

  • High School Education-     St. Mary’s Arthur High School, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Diploma in Management and Maintenance-   James Holland Institutes, Pennsylvania State University, USA.
  • Internship Experience of 6 months-   Jenna Garner Maintenance Services Ltd.
  • Maintenance Assistant Manager- Jenna Garner Maintenance Service Ltd.Duration- 16 months.

Rationale for the Proposition:

The candidate’s educational qualifications and prior experience deem him suitable for the management maintenance position at the organisation. The work experience has equipped him with the set of skills needed to perform all the tasks included in the profile with utmost efficiency. The dedication, hard working nature and determination in the attitude of the candidate will be beneficial to the organisation.


Organisation Details:

Name: Hall Maintenance & Management Services

Location: 436, Lesson Street, Marrow Corporate Offices, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Contact No.: 4347367

Addressed Personnel: Mr. Mathew Kirk

Position: Senior Manager, HR Department





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