Marketing Manager Job Proposal

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A marketing manager job proposal is a document which is used by a person to propose his/her employment as a marketing manager in a company.  It is an attempt to get the employer to see how suitable the applicant is for the said position by giving details of his/her skills and qualifications. These proposals must have a formal tone and format. A sample of one such marketing manager job proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample Marketing Manager Job Proposal


Details of the Candidate/ Proposal Writer:

Name: Ms. Karen Steinberg

Correspondence Address: 53463, Bicker Street, Northern Apartments, Chicago, USA.

Contact No.: 35657254


The Rationale behind it:

The position of marketing manager is very important to the success of the marketing department of the organisation. My educational qualifications are extremely suitable for this position. They are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s in Business Studies, Marketing major with first class honours from the New York University, New York, United States of America.
  • Diploma in Marketing management, duration- 6 months from the Harmon Management Institute, New York, USA.

I also have prior work experience in the field, through which I have been able to learn a lot about the marketing management segment. My work experience is as follows:

  • Marketing management Internship program (6 months), Fisher Enterprises Ltd.
  • Marketing Management Trainee (6 months), Fisher Enterprises Ltd.
  • Marketing Assistant Manager (1 year), Fisher & Grandeur Enterprises Ltd.

The above mentioned work experience has equipped me with all the knowledge and tools that are needed to run a successful marketing project. I believe I am a suitable fit for this organisation and will abide by all its rules, regulations and ethical code.


Company Details:

Name: Gregory Tames Enterprises Ltd.

Official Location: 432, Willow Street, Baritone Towers, Chicago, USA.

Web Address:

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