Media Research Proposal

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A media research proposal refers to the proposal wherein the presenter is suggesting (to those being presented) that some sort of media related research to be taken up. The aim of the research will be to benefit of the organisation with which the individual preparing the proposal is involved. The proposal is generally presented to higher authorities or team members to seek approval.

Sample Media Research Proposal:

Date: 19th April 2013

Presented to:Mr. Jonah Strauss, Head of Marketing Department

Presented by: Ms. Rachel Adams, Manager (Marketing Department)

Organisation Name: Click & Pick Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Address: 763, Marion Street, Clifton Corporate Towers, Pennsylvania, USA.

About the Proposal:

There have been reservations within the organisation, particularly the marketing department, as to whether we should rely heavily on media for the promotion of our class of products. While many believe media promotion is the key, others believe that strengthening the already existing customer base should be the only focus.

I propose that we conduct media research to access the impact media use has had on the branding and business of our top rivals and of our organisation itself in the past.

 Some Specifications:

Some specifications relating to the research proposal are as follows:

  • We first need to make a list of our top rival products and the organisations in the descending order of success.
  • Then we need to collect data about the amount of media involvement in the promotion of those products.
  • The next step will too include few of our own past products and promotion details in the list.
  • Then a comparative analysis is to be drawn between the success of different products and the impact media had on the success.
  • Once the inferences and analysis are complete we will get the end result of how important media promotions has been, and we can decide the future of media involvement in all our projects thereafter.
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