NGO Funding Proposal

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NGO funding proposals are presented by the non-governmental bodies requesting for funds in order to carry out their services for the social development. Therefore, the proposals should outline its operation and services so it can deliver compelling messages to the authority concern.

Basic Proposal Outline Template to Edit

Basic Proposal Outline Template to Edit

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Simple Proposal Word Template

Simple Proposal Word Template

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Sample NGO Funding Proposal

Name of the NGO – St. Phillip State NGO

Our mission: Contribute towards a better society for sustaining a better life

Executive Summary:

The mission statement of our organization defines our vision. For the last 5 years, we are working for eradicating poverty, imparting knowledge to the women and children, building old age home and orphanage and serving farmers on marketing their products. We are organizing various awareness programs related to healthcare, safety etc among the people of the rural areas. We are planning to expand our service so that every needy could reach to us at an instant for help.

Action plan: Setting up few service centers so that people requiring help can reach to us at any instance.

Estimated Budget: $ 35000 for regulating the function of all these centers for carrying out a noble operation of serving people and giving them a better life.

Fund collected: $20000

Earlier Donors: National human rights organization and State welfare association.

Marketing plans: We understand that marketing plans are important for an NGO organization in areas of corporate and public awareness. Hence, media would streamline the marketing regulation.

Last date for undertaking marketing regulation: 4th May 2011

Last date of proposal acceptance: 3rd June 2011

Kindly note that proposal would not remain valid after the last date

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