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An NGO employment proposal is presented with the aim of joining a non-profit organization as an agent or leader. Since it is an organization fostering noble and righteous values, holding just academic qualifications do not serve the purpose. Requirements include an upright and dedicated character as well. It must be written very sharply conveying one’s purpose and future vision about joining the agency.

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Sample NGO Employment Proposal

NGO Employment Proposal

Download NGO Employment Proposal

Name of the candidate: Jeff Kessler

Age: 40 years

Proposal given to: HOPE

Date of presentation of proposal: 8th, March, 2011

Objective of proposal: I want to work for the welfare of children housed in the NGO by implementing plans and schemes to advocate their basic rights, that is, nutrition, clothing, shelter, and ancillary rights like education and future security (job and marriage).

Target: These homeless children must be trained and educated in a manner such that they can live by their own without depending on anyone in future. My target is pivoted around making them responsible and happy individuals despite their turn of fate.

Academic achievements:

  • I have stood first in the National Social Service Examination held in 2004.
  • I have ranked 4th in the International Social Work Examination in 2006.

Experiences: I have worked with many NGOs out of which the most notable are Being Human, Our Rights and Help Age India.

Awards: My efforts have been duly recognised by international awards namely Best Contribution Award and Social Activist Award.

Projects: I have taken part in Save the Girl Child; Ring the Bell, Be Sensitive, We Love our Parents and many more.

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