Nutrition Research Proposal

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A nutrition research proposal is a document laying down the request of nutrition for a valid organization which deals with nutrition researches. It focuses on the major principles of a food company on the basis of which the researcher conducts the research and lays down the credibility of his findings for the benefit of the company.

Sample Nutrition Research Proposal

Name of the Organization: Just a Minute Noodles

Name of the food product: Flour Noodles

Name of the owner: Mr. Denmark Volvo

Proposal given to: Walton Cox, Nutritionist, Geometrics Health World

Product rating: 8/10

Date of proposal: 5th June, 2011

Company ranking: 30th in the international arena

Ingredients used in the product:

  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Food additives
  • Taste enhancer
  • Natural flavours

Requirements of the research: We want to carry out a nutrition research to rate the harmfulness and beneficial aspects of the product. A thorough study of the ingredients must be conducted to throw light on all the positive and negative outcomes of using the product and to check for an alternative substance that would provide for greater benefits. The research must give a clear indication of the facts related to the health of the consumer. The research findings must highlight the four main following areas:

Health: How much restriction of the product’s intake is required for patients with heart diseases?

Pregnancy: Till which trimester an expecting woman is free to consume the product and why?

Age: Which age group of people should abstain from this product?

Demerits: What are the harms caused by regular consumption of the product?

Proposal acceptance valid till: 5th July 2011

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