Product Distribution Proposal

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A product distribution proposal is a document which outlines the manner in which a product shall hit the retail market after being transmitted across various channels. The product distribution proposal is a formal document which is sent by a company or an individual to another in the lieu of establishing a formal agreement between the two. The product distribution proposal must be well researched and carefully written.

Sample Product Distribution Proposal

The following is an abstract from the product distribution proposal created by ProgoMax Pvt. Ltd. for Books and You Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of product distribution proposal: 23rd June 2012.

Purpose of product distribution proposal:

  • To create a viable chain for the delivery of the products [in this case books] from the head office and storage unit at 12 Garage Avenue, New York to the client’s libraries at Madison Avenue and Mapleton Street.
  • To ensure that the books are delivered safely and economically.

Salient features of the product distribution proposal:

  • The books shall be shipped in containments from the storage unit by 10am every morning and they should reach the two libraries by 10pm.
  • In case of demand by customers, a system has to be in place to ensure delivery of requested books from the storage unit to the branch libraries. The time required for delivery should not exceed 10 days in any circumstances.
  • In case of damage, the case shall be investigated by our team of experts, and if the fault is found to lie in our transport and distribution system, full compensation will be afforded to the client.


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