Product Proposal Email

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A product proposal email is a document which officially proposes a marketing firm to publicize a particular product. The email can be formal or informal but usually the former is preferred. The details of the product must be mentioned so that the concerned marketing firm can understand the product to be marketed and respond accordingly. The product proposal email must be carefully written and should not include any errors.

Sample Product Proposal Email



Subject: Product Proposal

This is to inform you that our new product in our range of stationery goods has finally been designed and it is aimed at an urban, young crowd. The product is a line of designer pens, costing 100USD apiece. The pens have been designed by leading designer Carter Hestor, and are truly collector’s items. The price accommodates the production cost of the pens and yet it remains accessible to the upwardly mobile youth of today. We are hoping that it will capture the aspirations of this group and be a huge success.

I hereby send you this email to intimate you of the product as your expertise in marketing and publicity is highly sought and coveted by us. If you express an interest in the product, as we hope you will, details will be provided to you through meetings and correspondence. Your company and ours have a fruitful working relationship record and we hope that you will agree to be part of this product launch as well. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thanking you.

Jolie Rogers

Books and Beyond,

New York


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