Product Promotion Proposal

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A product promotion proposal is a document which outlines the basic tenets of a product promotion plan. It includes a comprehensive structure of arrangement which incorporates the details of the product, the kind of promotion aimed at, short term and long term strategies of promotion, budget for marketing and other such information. This document serves as the blueprint for companies to follow during planning the product promotion campaign.

Sample Product Promotion Proposal

Product promotion report prepared by: McAvoy and Co.

Product promotion document prepared on behalf of: Film World Magazine Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of product promotion report: 23rd June 2012

Nature of product: The client Film World Magazines Pvt. Ltd. is a respectable and widely read entertainment magazine, and its latest venture is Gossip, a 100-page glossy aimed at an international audience, but based mainly on providing entertainment news from Hollywood.

Product to be promoted through:

  • A series of media events which shall see the presence of Hollywood celebrities to glam up the occasions and provide Gossip with the start it deserves.
  • Prominent presence on newsstands and bookstores even before the magazine is actually launched. Circulars and leaflets are to be distributed among patrons of the client’s other magazines in order to generate interest.
  • To ensure that the magazine gets an initial response, the first two issues will be available at a nominal price to subscribers, following which the actual price of the magazine will be established.

Product promotion team headed by: Janet Susie Thomas, Chief Editor, Gossip


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