Radio Advertising Proposal

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A Radio advertising proposal has become very effective means of marketing any product in the recent times. This is because, of the late, radio has made an inseparable bond with the common mass. A radio advertising proposal should clearly highlight the details of the product to be launched, the approximate duration of the advertisement and the remuneration to be paid to the broadcasting agency.


Sample Radio Advertising Proposal


Brief introduction of the company: Morrison Group of Food Factories is a leading confectionery manufacturer of the state and is placed in high strata as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. Morrison Foods have been serving the food industry for the past twenty seven years and promises to continue so for the years ahead. Morrison Foods have always given their hundred percent in terms of customer satisfaction and quality control.


Brief description of the product: Jimmo Strawberry Jam is a jam made of pure strawberry and not from any artificial scents. It has no added sugars and preservatives or any food colour. It has been passed through seven quality checks and has been approved by the Board of Health Control of Food Products. Jimmo jam is extremely nutritious and has a calorie content of 5.3cal/100gms. It has no flavours added to it so the taste is of pure and raw strawberries.


Targeted Client: Any individual.


Tentative date of the advertisement launch: 1st May, 2011.


Approximate duration of the advertisement: 2 mins.


Last Date for bidding: 31st March, 2011.


Any interested radio broadcasting agency can send their bid with other details in the below mentioned address-


123, Halden Avenue.

New Irish Colony,



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