Real Estate Development Proposal

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A real estate development proposal is a kind of a proposal that is made by a real estate company’s officials with regard to the development of a real estate project or property owned by the company. The proposal must focus on the objective or purpose of the real estate development and should give the details of how the official proposes to bring about the development and how it could help the company. For your reference, a sample of a real estate development proposal is provided below.

Sample real estate development proposal

Name of the Real estate Company: Billy Jones Realtors

Address of the company: Q-56, timothy road, Jersey lane, London

Proposal prepared and presented by: David White, Senior Business manager

Proposal presented on: 5th May 2014

Proposal presented to: William Jackson

Manager Director, Billy Jones Realtors

Proposal approved on: 15th May 2014

Proposal Statement:

To conduct the real estate development of our project called ‘Sunrise Apartments’ so as to help attract new buyers for our existing flats and the ones that have been vacated by previous owners.

Objective of development of real estate project:

The objective of this proposal is to help the Sunrise Apartments gain popularity and so that all its flats and apartments can be sold or rented to buyers.

Details of real estate development:

  • We need to get the painting done for all the vacated apartments and flats of the Sunrise Apartments.
  • The must get the servicing of the swimming pool done and should get it clean to eliminate the mold and dirt that has accumulated due to 2 years of use.
  • We need to refurnish and redecorate all the apartments and get the halls, staircase and parking areas rebuild or redeveloped for a new and attractive look.
  • We must develop the vacant areas into parks and other recreational places.

Estimated cost for development: $40000

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