Real Estate Business Proposal

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If you have any great idea, regarding the set up of a new business of real estate or providing any new services related to it then you must construct a real estate business proposal comprehensively in order to lure the intended market or people.

Sample Real Estate Business Proposal

Name of the real estate business agency– Starlite real estate

Executive summary: The company established in the year 1990 with the sole intention to develop the residential real estate property at the best places around the city. Our business strongly emphasize on consistent growth and always willing to motivate sellers for accepting wholesale prices of their property.

New plans to execute: We are planning to expand our business on different cities by joining hands with an esteemed real estate business organization called Mckinsey real estate agency. Association with a top-notch real estate business organization would not only help in expanding but would also help both the companies to increase their revenues, producing better plans, which would benefit the potential customers, clients or existing clientele and share holders will get price hike in our shares.

Net profit estimated: $ 530,000 within next one year. It is a complete hike of 45% than the previous rate of profit.

Revenues will be forecasted on two streams ahead they are as follows:

  • Net profit from selling and buying property
  • Rent from long-time rental property.

The company’s present capital and liabilities is approximately $ 138,00 and $ 174,00 respectively. Both will increase by 30% approximately.


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