Request for Training Proposal

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A request for training proposal is a kind of a proposal which is sent in the case when a person or a professional writes to his/her senior to request him for introducing a new training program or make changes in an existing training program. The proposal must be a formal document with a professional structure and tone. It must include all the proposed details. A sample of a request for training proposal is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Request for Training Proposal:

Date:17th May 2014

Proposal Presented to: Mr. Ron Hayward, Head of Sales department

Proposal Presented by:Mr. Tim Andrews, senior sales manager (Sales department)

Name of company: West wind Music Records Corporation

Address of the company: A-45, first floor, modern tower, Princeton lane, London

Proposal Objective:

I am sending across this proposal to suggest a new training program for all the on field sales executives so that there is an improvement in the existing sales techniques and we can gain more profit through the efforts of the new sales joinees. The training must be able to completely help the new employees sell our products effectively to the customers.

Proposal details:

  • We must start a new training program to train all the on field level sales joinees immediately after they join the company.
  • The training program must last for atleast 8 weeks as this is the minimum time frame for establishing knowledge about any field of work.
  • The training must train the employees in not only the selling of the products but also help them understand the nature of our music products in detail.
  • The training program must be divided into batches of 15 each and no more.

Estimated training expenditure: $5000 for 1 year.

Estimated duration to start the new training regime: 2 months

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