Training Project Proposal

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A training project proposal is presented by various organizations depicting the need of a particular training project and prerequisites required for it. Therefore, such proposal should highlight the scope and plans which are aimed to be accomplished for implementing the training project successfully.

Sample Training Project Proposal

Name of the organization: IT Training School

Title of the training project proposal: Requesting Resources for Successful Accomplishment of first .NET Training Project

Project prepared by: Mr. Steve Jacob

Training Resources Acquisition-Head

Proposal presented on: 6th February 2011

Overview of the training project:

In the last few years, we have emerged as one of the best training institutes of the country which has successfully contributed best IT professionals to the industry by imparting job specific training to them. Recently .NET is a steadily rising domain in IT companies and various projects are coming up related to it. Therefore, we have planned to incorporate .NET project making in the training curriculum. We require resources for successful completion of the first .NET training project. This would prove that our initiative is truly helpful for the .NET trainees and would make them realize the execution of a project related to the field.

Timeline for implanting the first training project: Maximum 6months [this would not be included within the training duration]

Last Date for submitting the proposal: 7th March 2011

The project would be first implemented on the .NET training session which would commence from the month of June 2011.

Kindly note that no proposal acceptance would be entertained after the above mentioned date.

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