SAP Dynamic Product Proposal

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SAP is one of leading companies which specializes in software production and creation. The SAP dynamic product proposal is created for this company specifically. It is important to read all the terms and conditions of the company before creating a proposal. The new product should adhere to the norms of the company but should also be new and innovative. The proposal must be clear and concise and should have detailed outline of the product. Brevity is important along with careful research on all aspects to ensure approval.

Sample SAP Dynamic Product Proposal

Name of Company: Systems Applications and Products (SAP)

Name of Proposal: New System Software for 4G Internet Data USB

Proposal created by: Adele Newman

Date: 23.4.2011

Purpose of Proposal: To create a portable internet data card for those who have to work on-the-go and prefer the internet services of 4G.

Proposal Summary:

Product name: TYUY Internet Photon.

Product Outline:

  • A small elongated data card which can be used in laptops and desktops.
  • Speed of over 150 mbps with unlimited download and speedy internet surfing and streaming.
  • Can be used by both business men and students.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Installation charge is yet to be decided.

Product Production details:

Total estimated cost for production: $1.5 million

Researchers: Mr. Jesse Parks and Adele Newman

Total estimated time to complete the product: 6 months

Pros and Risks:

  • Favorable market response and demand as seen from market analysis.
  • Can become too pricey for some to purchase thereby limiting the consumer market for the product.


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