Technology Funding Proposal

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A technology funding proposal is written by a research group or company, with the intention of raising money or funds from donors, in order to install new technologies in the firm. The proposal must clearly state the objectives of the firm and the need for such technology. It should also include the amount of fund needed for such a project and the benefit that will come out of it. The tone should be polite and convincing.

Sample Technology Funding Proposal:

Proposal for fund request for installation of new technology in “Waste Management House”

Proposal Presented by: Margaret Verne,

Chairperson, Nation Institute of Waste Management and research.

Proposal submitted on: 10th January, 2011.


The research team of the waste management house requests for funds to install new technology in our plant, for better and effective recycling of bio-medical waste, which is extremely detrimental, not only for human health, but also for plants and animals. The estimated cost of the project will be approximately around $ 25,00,000.

Work Plan:

We propose to do the following

  • Implement new machinery with enhanced technology for the recycling of bio-medical wastes.
  • Start a new special storage cell, for bio-medical wastes to avoid contamination and spread of deadly diseases.
  • New technology for proper disposal of such wastes after recycling.

Fund collected till date: $ 18,00,000.

We request you all to come and help our team, which can make your future bright, secure and prosperous. This project can save the community from some very deadly diseases, thereby preventing mortality rates.

Kindly submit your acceptance for this proposal within 15 days, so that the research work can be carried with ease.

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