Technology Training Proposal

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The proposal that is written by the company/ entity offering the services of training to the client company is referred to as the technology training proposal. The proposal must first present the statement of purpose in brief and then move on to give proper details of what the service company is proposing. The following is one such detailed sample of a technology training proposal which can be used by anyone for reference.

Sample Technology Training Proposal:

Proposal prepared by: Mr. Griffin Hurt, Senior Manager, Goliath Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name: Goliath Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company Address: 435, Victoria Lane, Bright Towers, London, UK

Proposal presented to: Mrs. Leah Masters, CEO

Chuck & Hole Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Date: 23rd of June 2013

Statement of the Proposal:

Goliath Technologies are proposing to offer training services for its premium clients in the industry. The company employees who have been part of the development process of the technology used by entities (such as the client itself) will train the client’s employees and help equip them with all the skills they need to efficiently use the respective technology.


  • There are two training regimes- one introductory (basics) and one advanced.
  • The client can pick any regime suitable for their employees and hence pay for the respective regime package.
  • The company will charge $5,000 for the introductory regime and $8,000 for the advanced regime.
  • The above mentioned standard fees will include training for 12 employees in either category.  The client will need to pay an additional charges for any employees in excess of the number mentioned (i.e. 12).

Additional Information:

Enclosed with this proposal are detailed/ descriptive indexes of the matter included in the two different regimes. We hope that the client will appreciate the effort on part of the developers and will see the benefit for their business.

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