Training Needs Assessment Proposal

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A training need assessment proposal is a document which talks about the existence of any specific training requirement in the organization. It helps the organization design the training to fill the gap between the existing and expected performances of the employees. This proposal systematically helps the organization to understand the employee discrepancies. Once the cause of that performance gap is assessed it can be set right with the help of new training module. This document carries precise information about the need of a new training program.

Sample Training Needs Assessment Proposal:

Training need assessment proposal presented by: Robin Smith, Head HR Department

SJK Software Ltd

Date of submission of Training need assessment proposal: 12th June 2011

Training need assessment proposal presented to: Marketing Department, SJK Software Ltd

Purpose of Training need assessment proposal: To assess the technical knowledge of the marketing team regarding the recently launched new software used in computer application.

  • These new training [check enclosed document for details about the details of the new software technology] program is necessary for the marketing and sales team to present the software in the better way in front of the clients.
  • It will be 15 days of training program which will train the team about the technology and its application of the new software.
  • The funding for the training will be handled by the management. It will help the team to answer any technical query raised by the customers regarding this software.

We hope to get your support on the same.

Robin Smith,

SJK Software Ltd

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