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Many times, students studying in educational institutions such as universities need to prepare and submit projects for their coursework and for obtaining grades. But before embarking on the project works, they need to get the idea approved by the teacher through a project proposal which in this case is known as a university student project proposal. Such a proposal gives a brief idea and objective of the project and how the student plans to work on it. The proposal must also specify the budget or estimated time of completion. A sample of a university student project proposal is given below:

Sample University student project proposal

Name of the student: Jacob Brown

Batch: 2013-2016

Student ID: 750H

Mobile phone number: 4730958903505


Department: Environmental Sciences

Proposal submitted on: 9th May 2014

Proposal signed and approved by: Timothy Young, Department Head, Environmental Sciences

Project Title: Save the Trees,Grow Some More


With my annual project, I aim to encourage growing of trees and saving the environment by stopping the cutting down of plants and trees.  This small step can snowball into a big effort and may bring a change in society and its thinking.

Details of project plan:

  • Starting with the University as well as the nearby area, I, with the help of some more students will encourage growing of trees by putting up posters and banners.
  • We shall condemn cutting down of trees and will take strict action against those students who are responsible for causing any harm to the environment within the university.
  • I will be handing over more seeds and plants to all colleges and will encourage them to grow trees on special occasions and birthdays of hostel based students.
  • We shall name trees on the names of the people who grow them to encourage more such actions.

Estimated cost of the project: $2000

Estimated time of completion: 6 months

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