University Project Proposal

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University project proposal is presented by various universities depicting their need, scope and purpose of any particular project initiated by the university authority. Such kind of proposal should effectively highlight the essential points so that it is successful in achieving maximum response from its prospects.

Sample University Project Proposal

University of Houston Presents the Digital Library Project Proposal

Project proposal presented by: Stacky Kennedy

Proposal presented on: 3rd April 2011

Mission of the proposal:

University of Houston is planning to build a “DIGITAL LIBRARY” which would be dedicated to the maintenance, production and delivery of high networked resources for students and research scholars within the university or elsewhere. This would be a great opportunity for all the students and even it would help to make the learning process much more convenient.

Plans to be executed by utilization of Digital Library:-

  • Digitalization of library services would provide students the benefit viewing images and studying through audios and videos
  • Electronic text services would be implemented for encoding and digitalization of the text
  • Metadata services would also be implemented so that the students could create proper mapping and encoding of metadata through it.
  • Other usability services are also being implemented in order to deliver more facilities to the students. These include prototyping, wire framing etc.

Estimated budget for this implementing this project: $23,000

Collected amount till date: $15,000

The project work will commence from: 15th September 2011

Timeline of the project: Maximum 1 year

Last Date for accepting the proposal: 5th May 2011

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