Vendor Business Proposal

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A vendor business proposal is a kind of a vendor business document which a seller sends to a buyer proposing a business deal or offer. These kinds of business proposals are some of the most popular and common types of proposals and are formal documents which are a way to generate business and associate with more clients or customers.

A vendor business proposal consists of the details of the business offer which the buyer can either accept or reject. The following is a sample of a vendor business proposal which can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Vendor Business Proposal

Name of vendor Company: Anderson Furnishings House

Address of vendor Company: A-78, second floor, Martin Tower, Nathan Street, London

Contact number of vendor: 473095305

Name of Buyer Company: Fredrickson Enterprise

Address of Buyer Company: 234, N Block, Maddison Street, London

Contact number of Buyer Company: 4720703590

Proposal presented by: Billy Jones, Anderson Furnishings House

Proposal presented to: Greg Beneke, Fredrickson Enterprise

Objective of vendor business proposal:

Through this proposal, we wish to place a wholesale furnishing offer for you wherein we shall be signing a contract for sale and purchase of products. You will have to make a onetime payment of a bulk order and it shall be shipped to you as and when the need arises.

Details of vendor business proposal:

  • If you agree to this proposal, you can choose the furnishing products you wish to purchase from our catalogue and then place your bulk order.
  • The order cannot be of less than 50 furniture pieces at one time and the payment will have to be made before shipping of products.
  • We propose to offer you a total discount of 15% on the total order and also offer to send one gift item for every order of 10 pieces.
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