Vendor Proposal Letter

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A vendor proposal is the proposal made by a vendor to a manufacturer to hire the services of the respective vendor. When the vendor makes such a proposal to the client by the way of a letter it is referred to as the vendor proposal letter. The vendor in the letter must mention proper details about the proposal so that the prospective client makes an informed and sound decision.

Sample Rental Proposal Letter:


Ms. Ulla Smith

Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing

Hung Consumer Goods Ltd.

Northern Valley, Chicago,

17th August 2013

Subject: A vendor proposal for consumer goods sales.

Respected Ms. Smith

This letter is written on behalf of the Madison Stores Pvt. Ltd. to make a proposal to your organisation.

The proposal is for Hung Consumer Goods to collaborate with the Madison Stores and officially announce the store chain to be a vendor for the products of the goods.  The proposal comes as a way to promote the goods produced by the manufacturer and to expand the product (supplied) base for the departmental stores.

The further details of the project are as specified as follows:

  • All the central and flagship stores for the chain will carry all of the consumer goods manufactured by the company.
  • The other stores will carry goods as may be suitable for the customer base in the area.
  • The manufacturers will be required to inform the store as and when a new product is launched and appropriate promotions can be done at certain stores on the demand of the manufacturer.
  • The store will be making bulk purchases given the size of the stores and the manufacturer can thus provide the store purchases with certain bulk purchase discounts.

This proposal is bound to benefit both the parties involved by promoting both the businesses. We hope to hear from you soon.

With Regards

Mrs. Taylor Garner

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